The University of Texas at Austin

Cyber Security Awareness 2006

A fist punches the words viruses, spyware, phishing, spam, and worms.

Toughen Up

Knowledge is power. Bulk up your understanding of Internet threats and how to prevent them from ever reaching your computer. Learn how to avoid viruses, spyware, identity theft and other threats. Get tough and stay tough.

Hackers and Malware and Spam—Oh My!

Combat Internet threats using this “to do” guide and glossary.

Tips for Safe Instant Messaging

Get advice on securing your personal information and your computer when using IM.

What’s Your Phishing IQ?

Test your ability to spot a scam e-mail message.

One Little Click Can Ruin Your Whole Day

Learn more about spyware, including tips on how to avoid it and getting it off your computer.

Phishing: Cute Name, Ugly Consequences

Protect yourself and your accounts with tips to avoid an e-mail “hook.”

Instant Messaging

IM programs are fast becoming the preferred method for launching viruses and worms.

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