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Project: UT Direct Two Factor Authentication

UT Direct Two Factor Authentication Project

7/1/2014 - Testing activities have concluded for Phase 1 of the UT Direct Two Factor Authentication project. The system is scheduled for deployment on July 8, 2014.

The increasing prevalence of phishing attacks on UT Direct applications has highlighted the need for a strong two factor authentication solution. Although work is in progress to add strong two factor authentication functionality to UTLogin, until that work is complete a near-term solution is needed to provide two factor authentication for UT Direct.

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to implement a functional two factor solution for UT Direct, initially for a limited set of applications but broadening in availability to all UT Direct applications that require more stringent user authentication.

Project Phases

The UT Direct Two Factor Authentication project will be managed in an iterative nature so that a minimally functional two factor solution for UT Direct can be delivered as quickly as possible. Follow-on phases will be required to refine the solution and expand its scope to additional users and applications.

  • Phase 1 - Minimal functionality that includes all technical components and an initial/basic framework for the registration (pairing) process. Documentation at this stage will be lightweight. The solution will be released to a limited set of UT Direct applications.
  • Phase 2 - Enhanced functionality with a refined registration process and expanded documentation and user support tools. Solution will be made available to additional applications, to be identified at the beginning of Phase 2.
  • Phase 3 - Integration with employee onboarding process to smooth the two factor registration process. Continued broadening of solution availability to all UT Direct applications that need two factor authentication.

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