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As part of the Web Central Services Retirement project, the ITS website will be retired. Information about IT services will be replaced by two new sites, IT@UT and UT ServiceNow, and ITS departmental information will be migrated to a new location. All changes will be completed by 7/28/2016.

University Data Center

UDC Move Event - March 12, 2011

On Saturday, March 12, 2011, between 7 a.m. and approximately 9 p.m., Information Technology Services is moving customer systems (Information Quest; Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering; Registrar) and ITS systems, including some applications on UT Direct. Specific services may have different start and end times.

The table below lists the services involved and the impact of the move on their availability. This page will be updated as services come back online.

Services with interruption - End users

Service with End User Impact Impact During Move
Akamai Service RESTORED
Civil Engineering Torque Cluster RESTORED
Information Quest (IQ) Cognos reports generated by IQ data warehouse will be unavailable from 5 p.m. March 11 to 8 a.m. March 15.
Mainframe batch printing RESTORED
Mainframe SIS Prod Imaging RESTORED
Transfer server RESTORED
Transcript service (operated by Office of Registrar) RESTORED
UT Direct Java and Python Applications/ PyPE Deployment


Services with interruption - Technical staff

Services with Technical Staff Impact Impact
UT Direct Environments DPDEV1, BETA.DP RESTORED

Services with no interruption

Services Moving without Impact Description
Adabas Replicator (internal use only) RESTORED
Mainframe Green Output RESTORED
Mainframe-related applications (including credit card,  Javamail, Natclipse, Splunk, Stunnel, Systems Wiki) RESTORED
Mainframe ID Works RESTORED
Netscalers 1 and 2 (AIT) RESTORED
Shibboleth RESTORED
Texas Common Application RESTORED
TIM (uTexas Identity Manager) RESTORED