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Digital Certificates


As Friday, February 18, 2011, new digital certificates are available for individual faculty and staff members. Now you are able to secure digital certificates at no cost.

Digital certificates are offered to faculty and staff as a tool for enabling encryption technologies as well as for signing of email and other important electronic documents. Because it offers the reliability of central management, you can be assured that certificates can be recovered and revoked in the event of loss or tampering. Two primary uses for certificates are to encrypt email and data files and to sign email. Future uses may include incorporation into certain business processes.

Digital certificates provide one measure in a suite of possible security solutions. Other options include Enterprise Whole Disk Encryption and central storage of data on a system that meets minimum security standards.

At this time, the service does not include certificates for a role; for example, you cannot get a certificate for the Manager of Infrastructure. The certificate would be issued to Joe Smith (who is the Manager of Infrastructure).

To obtain a server certificate, please follow these instructions.


  • Dual-key certificates for encryption and digital signatures
  • Managed public-key environment for reliability and support
  • Works with any desktop application that supports certificates, on any operating system
  • Incorporation in the Austin domain to allow use of EFS on Windows
  • Publication of public keys in the university directory for easy access by colleagues


Digital certificates are available at no cost to faculty and staff with email addresses in supported domains (* and some vanity domains.)

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