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UT Virtual (UT-V) provides cost-effective, reliable virtual machines (VM) based on the VMware vSphere infrastructure. UT-V is intended to serve departments, colleges, and research units that benefit from the gains provided by server virtualization: improved server reliability and availability, lower total operational costs, and smaller carbon footprint through more efficient utilization of physical servers.

UT-V is Recommended for: UT-V is Not Recommended for:
Web Hosting Servers High-Performance Computing
Application Servers High-Performance Database
Test and Development Servers Servers that require OS-level clustering


  • Lower capital costs for Customers by reducing need for IT infrastructure purchases
  • Enterprise scale virtual service infrastructure, including:
    • Pro-active maintenance of all necessary infrastructure components including physical servers, networking, storage, VMware management software
    • UT-V is housed in secure University Data Centers to take full advantage of redundant power, cooling, and state of the art facility support
    • Redundant Ethernet connections to network in full compliance with University Data Center dual networking failover (LACP) guidelines
    • Reduced downtime for physical infrastructure maintenance
  • UT-V OS drive is provisioned on enterprise class fiber channel and SAS storage
  • Customers retain system administration of UT-V VMs
  • Add-on Features:
    • Additional storage is available in 100GB increments at extra cost
    • UTBackup available at extra cost, for full-featured VM backup and file-level recovery
    • Standards-based systems administration for a UT-V VM is available from ITS Managed Server Support as a fee-for-service
  • UT-V saves significant power - approximately 6570 kWh per year per virtualized server
Green Leaf Denotes a Green IT feature. Learn more about Green IT.


2013-2014 Year Pricing

UT-V is provisioned in virtual machine units (VMU).

Option Specifications Cost/Year
Virtual Machine Unit (VMU) 1 GB RAM $100
First 2 VMU include 25 GBs tier 1 storage for the OS, for a maximum of 50 GB of storage from VMUs.
1 VCPU per virtual machine. Additional VCPUs available, up to the number of VMUs. See notes on provisioning.
Virtual Machine Storage Unit (VMSU) 100GB $40
Tier 1 Virtual Machine Storage Unit (T1VMSU) 10GB $30

Configuration Examples

Customer Configuration Purchase Provisioned Configuration Cost/Year
One Windows Virtual Machine with 4GB 4 VMU 1 Windows VM VMU: $400
of RAM, 250GB of additional storage 3 VMSU 4GB vRAM VMSU: $120
and 10 Tier 1 VMSUs 10 T1VMSU 50GB OS Drive T1VMSU: $300
300GB Additional Storage
One Windows Virtual Machine with 8GB 8 VMU 1 Windows VM VMU: $800
of RAM and 250GB of additional storage 3 VMSU 8GB vRAM VMSU: $120
50GB OS Drive
300GB Additional Storage
One Linux Virtual Machine with 1 GB RAM 1 VMU 1 Linux VM VMU: $100
25GB OS Drive

Notes on Provisioning

Please see the Notes on Provisioning section of the UT-V Polices page for more information.

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