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Virtual Servers


This document defines policies for the UT Virtual (UT-V) service from ITS and is supplemental to the UT-V SLA.

Notes on Provisioning

  • The OS drive provisioned with a VMU is intended for OS hard drives only. OS drive capacity will not exceed 50GB, regardless of total VMUs purchased. Additional data storage is available for purchase via VMSU. VMU purchases beyond the initial two VMU result in increased vRAM and/or vCPU capacity, but not OS partition storage capacity.
  • Linux VMs are minimally provisioned with 1 VMU. Windows VMs are minimally provisioned with 2 VMU to account for the larger OS disk requirements.
  • Due to algorithms for CPU scheduling in the VMware vSphere infrastructure, VMs with overprovisioned vCPU may experience poor performance and have a negative impact on the UT-V service. UT-V administrators will work with Customers to optimize VM configuration, including vCPU provisioning.
  • VMs that require non-standard OS/RAM/Swap configurations may run into resource contention issues. UT-V administrators will work with customers to determine optimal settings.
  • UT-V can only provision VMs on VLANs that are present in UDC-C. UT-V administrators will work with Customers to review requests for unique vLAN requirements.
  • UT-V VMs are provisioned on the domain or the domain by default. UT-V administrators will work with Customers to review requests for unique DNS requirements.
  • UT-V is subject to all maximums and limitations of the physical hardware and vSphere infrastructure.
  • Customers are not permitted to run the swap file on the VMSU partition.

Data Protection

  • UT-V OS Drive backups do not provide versioning.
  • Requests for OS Drive restoration must be made through a Footprints ticket which can be submitted via the ITS Help and Service Desk.
  • OS Drive restorations provide image level recovery.
  • After an OS Drive restoration, original OS Drives are deleted after 7 days.
  • Data stored on VMSU cannot be recovered by UT-V administrators.

Intended Use

  • UT-V does not provide VM-specific OS or system-level administration.
  • UT-V is not designed to provide disaster recovery capabilities.
  • UT-V does not integrate with any non-ITS owned hardware.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Customers must provide the media and license keys for any OS or applications.
  • Customers must install and keep current the VM Hardware and Tools for their VMs.
  • UT-V Customers are encouraged to request VM snapshots prior to performing high-risk maintenance on their VMs.

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