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Web Central is The University of Texas at Austin's primary Web server and publishing environment. It is the hosting platform for the face of the university to the world,, as well for numerous university domains such as and

ITS manages the Web Central publishing space and related tools and utilities to support Web publishers on campus. In partnership with University Communications, ITS provides the tools and templates that shape the look-and-feel of the university Web pages.

Web Central does not meet the requirements for hosting classified data. Category-I data, including FERPA-protected data, must NOT be stored on Web Central.

The Future of Web Central

ITS has developed a new shared hosting platform to replace Web Central. The UT Web Infrastructure project is slated to have a new publishing environment ready for production in the fall of 2014. Website owners will be able to migrate their sites through 2015; Web Central is slated for retirement in early 2016. The UT Web hosting environment provides:

  • Improved performance, security, and reliability
  • A virtualized technology stack that is cloud-ready
  • Enhanced self-service capabilities to improve the Web publisher experience

Web Publishing via Web Central

Web publishing via Web Central is available for departments that need to create websites that require Unix-based technologies such as PHP or CGI scripting. Web Central is a conventional Unix-based shared Web hosting platform environment, with users connecting to manipulate Web files, which are displayed to the public via separate Web servers.

The standard technology stack is Solaris, Apache and PHP 5.2 in Safe Mode for sites. Custom domains such as can be hosted on Web Central; the custom-domain hosting service employs both Solaris and RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5) environments, with RHEL5 being the default for new custom sites, and also uses Apache and PHP 5.2 in Safe Mode.


  • 24-hour operator coverage with daily backups
  • UNIX (UTS) users accounts and file storage
  • File ownership groups for shared content editing
  • Automated task execution available to developers
  • Access to the Accessibility Scanning Tool upon request
  • Supports connections to MySQL, and Oracle databases
  • Supports SSL-based authentication Web access to content (requires an SSL Certificate)
  • Supports UT EID logon authentication via the Transitional Fat Cookie


Web publishing on Web Central is available to university departments at no cost. Related services such as Domain name registration and hosting and MySQL or Oracle databases may incur costs.

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