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  • Filmmakers get knighted for WWII documentary

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    Published: Nov. 1, 2007

    One of the people they found was Marcel Harnie, the man who found Bill after his plane went down.

    “He took him to Brussels and they were in hiding together,” said Grosvenor, who explained that the man was also hiding because he was avoiding being forced to be a part of the war.

    “He spoke English very well and has a remarkable memory. He remembers the number of the street car and the route they took to Brussels,” Grosvenor said of the invaluable interviews with Harnie they were able to include in the film.

    “The people we interviewed for the film were humble and modest and always downplayed their acts of heroism,” Kelly said. “But they all spoke with passion and conviction about their motivation. As resistance fighter Nadine Dumont explained, ‘We fought for freedom. For freedom.’”

    Kelly said helping tell the stories of the courageous people she met was the greatest privilege of her life.

    “‘Last Best Hope’ is a story about dad but also about Belgium, their story and history,” Grosvenor said. “I always thought Belgium would be our biggest critic and that they thought we got the story right means a lot. Being knighted means something to me because we really did get it right.”

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