The University of Texas at Austin
  • Blanton Museum of Art showcases faculty

    By Brady Dyer
    Brady Dyer
    Published: April 17, 2008

    Kate Catterall’s installation of a modified air stream trailer and selections from the most recent project of Chris Taylor, co-director of the field program Land Arts of the American West, investigate our relationship to landscape through design interventions. Lawrence McFarland captures unremembered or unkempt sites of historical significance in his photographs of the American West, while Melissa Miller’s paintings and watercolors comment on the ever-evolving Texas landscape, and the increasing exoticism of animals in the area. John Stoney also comments on this strange evolution in sculptures from his ongoing series about the American cultural and natural landscape.

    Conceptual explorations in video are showcased with works from Bill Lundberg, Michael Smith, and the artist team of Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler. Ken Hale explores analogue and digital printmaking technologies in his series of collages.

    Painter Richard Jordan and installation artist Margo Sawyer both examine the intricacies of complex color in abstracted and repeated motifs, though utilizing vastly different mediums and approaches. Conversely, Troy Brauntuch’s monochromatic, barely-visible conte crayon renderings explore the idea of images and their presumed meanings, while Dan Sutherland’s paintings navigate the terrain between figuration and abstraction.

    “Atelier 2008: Selections from the University of Texas Art Faculty” will offer visitors a snapshot of current trends in contemporary art by many of today’s leading artists, confirming the University’s status as a premier institution for fine art scholarship and studio practice.

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