The University of Texas at Austin
  • University continues to enhance security

    By Tara Chandler
    Published: May 1, 2008

    A year after the Virginia Tech shooting that killed 32, American colleges and universities have made great strides in securing their campuses and protecting their students. The University of Texas at Austin is no exception.

    “9/11 was a trigger point to move us towards a lot of things but when Virginia Tech happened we re-looked at our procedures to determine if things needed to be changed,” said Bob Harkins, associate vice president for the Office of Campus Safety and Security.

    Harkins said despite all the criticism Virginia Tech received in the days following the tragedy for how it handled the crisis his team would have handled it in a similar way, except for the amount of time it took to send out notifications.

    “We have studied it a lot and they didn’t do anything wrong,” he said. “The worst thing was that the window of time they waited to notify everyone was two hours.”

    Since the shootings the University of Texas at Austin has carried on with plans to enhance emergency notification systems and is continuing to find new ways to enhance safety efforts.

    Some of the notification systems the university has in place are an outdoor warning system and Mobile Campus, which sends emergency information via text message to subscribers. It takes about five minutes for the message to be sent to everyone who is signed up, Harkins said. To sign up for the spam free service go to www.

    “We feel we can get the message to people who are outside the campus. Now we are working on getting the message inside,” Harkins said, referring to people outside on the campus grounds as opposed to inside the buildings.

    One way Campus Safety and Security is doing that is by setting up every TV on campus to display emergency messages. This project will be completed by the end of April.

    Another project involves upgrading the fire alarm system in 68 buildings on campus. The system allows for emergency announcements to air over a loud speaker but the announcements can only be made from the buildings.

    “It is hoped by the start of next school year we can do that from the police dispatch system,” Harkins said.

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