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  • RTF senior writes fitness guide for women

    By Wunmi Bakare
    Wunmi Bakare
    Published: July 29, 2008

    When Diana Anderson was asked by her high school tennis coach to improve her backhand she never thought it would lead to writing a fitness book years later in college.

    Anderson, a Radio, Television and Film senior, co-wrote “Miss University: A Girl’s Guide to Fitness, Beauty and Confidence” with her fitness trainer Michael Prince and the book is set to be published in October by Anomalos Publishing. The book is targeted at women from high school to college age who want to make fitness a part of their daily lives.

    Anderson believes today’s culture creates an atmosphere where women are obsessed with self-image and it is imperative that women have a healthy grasp on the importance of working out and eating healthy.

    “People ask me if I’m afraid to get bulky from lifting weights,” says Anderson. “Weight lifting is directly linked to losing inches and not necessarily pounds, but you are tightening and toning, which gives you more energy.”

    Anderson, a native of Tyler, Texas, started working out as a high school junior while playing varsity tennis and recently got her certification in personal training.

    “I had a one-handed backhand, so my coach recommended working out to strengthen my back and shoulders so I could make my serve harder,” she says. “That’s when I joined a gym and met my trainer who co-wrote the book with me.”

    Prince, who lives in Tyler and is the owner of 360 Fitness, helped Anderson put the book together over the course of three years. Because Anderson lives four hours away from her co-author the pair had to rely on spring breaks and summer vacations to write the book.

    “I have always been into writing since I was little; I have done fiction writing, poetry and plays,” says Anderson. “However, my mom was the inspiration for the book.

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