The University of Texas at Austin
  • New program combines sports, media and culture

    By Erin Geisler
    Erin Geisler
    Published: Dec. 17, 2009

    It’s college bowl and NFL playoff season and millions of Americans will gather in homes and bars across the country to root for their team — many people will take time off work to watch a game. Beer companies will roll out their latest advertising campaigns. Team jerseys, foam fingers and other paraphernalia with a sports logo will fly off the shelves.

    If you think about it, cheering for a team has become a great American pastime, but have you ever really thought about the role of sports culture in modern society? Faculty at The University of Texas at Austin have been, which is why the College of Communication is creating the Texas Program in Sports and Media to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and research on sports, media and culture.

    Read more about the Texas Program in Sports and Media.

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