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  • "Gone With the Wind" makeup photos revealed

    By Marjorie Smith
    Published: Jan. 28, 2010

    The Harry Ransom Center has revealed a slideshow featuring photographs of “Gone With the Wind” makeup tests in anticipation of its upcoming exhibit titled Making Movies.

    Like costumes, hairstyles and makeup can reveal nuance and place characters in an emotional, geographical or historical context. Certain hairstyles, for example, are instantly associated with certain periods, such as the bob cut in the 1920s or the ducktail haircut of the 1950s. Film makeup must look natural and appropriate when magnified on the big screen. It must also be durable enough to survive multiple takes and reproducible in case retakes are needed at a later time.

    The tear-stain photo above is just one item from the “Hair and Makeup” section of the Making Movies exhibition, which opens Feb. 9 at the Harry Ransom Center.

    Watch a preview of the Making Movies exhibit.

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