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  • These UT Students Have Something Important to Say

    By Tracy Mueller
    Published: Nov. 25, 2013

    Make a Gift to UT

    “I wouldn’t have this opportunity without you,” reads one note.

    “Thank you for helping make my dreams come true!” says another.

    And another: “I sign on behalf of my family and our future. Gracias, Christian Mendez and Family.”

    The notes are scrawled in pink and blue and orange and green marker on a life-sized sign in front of Gregory Gym. They’re hand written on little notecards in the lobby of the Law School. And at the School of Architecture they’re produced in 3-D sculpture with leftover studio materials.

    Across campus on Nov. 13, University of Texas students participated in the annual Thanks Day celebration, writing, building and tweeting messages of gratitude to all the alumni, donors, family, faculty, and the state for supporting their education.

    The timing of the event is significant: If UT relied exclusively on tuition and fees alone, it could only operate for about 11 weeks, or mid-way through November.

    Thankfully, UT doesn’t just run on tuition and fees, which account for only 25 percent of the overall budget. The majority – 75 percent – comes from additional supporters, who range from our family and friends to the state of Texas. And UT is proud to offer tuition and fees that remain lower than many of its peers. FY 2012-13 undergraduate resident tuition and fees at UT Austin ranked second-lowest out of a 12-institution national comparison group.

    So thank you to our many supporters for making UT what it is. (Learn more about the university’s finances on the Budget 101 website.)

    [Video via Students Hooked on Texas]

    Cockrell School of Engineering students play a particularly satisfying version of fill-in-the-blank:

    Engineering student

    Engineering student

    Engineering student

    Engineering student

    Architecture students got creative in their studios:

    Architecture student thank you

    From @knowawinkler / Instagram. See the time-lapse video for this message here.

    Thank-you cards at the School of Law:

    Law student thank you

    Signing the “card” in front of Gregory Gym:

    UT student thank you

    UT student thank you

    UT student thank you

    • Quote 2
      Monica Thompson said on Dec. 6, 2013 at 5:13 a.m.
      Did you save all those sheets over the years and semesters when we, as UT @ Austin students and, as a collective, would have the ability to express Free Speech by writing on the tables out in front of the UGL & The Union. It is nice to see, that despite rapidly moving towards a primarily technologically based society, as a whole and/or norm, students are still encouraged to physically express their ideas at public institutions and Universities, such as in these photos. However, it would be wonderful to see those good old, old sheets We as UT students poured our hearts onto at the duration of each semester; scanned and added to the archives at The Harry Ransom Center, assuming they were even ever saved. Were they? If you are moderating this comment and you were BORN in the year I began, 1993, you'll probably have to find an elder to even explain what the UGL was.
    • Quote 2
      akram said on Nov. 28, 2013 at 1:31 p.m.
      immense gratitude.. great...
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