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  • Professor talks race, sports, politics in new book

    Professor talks race, sports, politics in new book

    By Jessica Sinn
    Jessica Sinn
    Published: Sept. 8, 2010

    Ben Carrington, associate professor in the Department of Sociology, presents a postcolonial overview of sport’s role in enforcing racial stereotypes, particularly about black athletes. Using past and present sports icons as examples — boxers Jack Johnson, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson — Carrington argues that ideas of white intellectual supremacy and black degeneracy still remain deeply embedded in sports culture.

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      Eric said on Sept. 30, 2010 at 4:29 p.m.
      Tom V: I would say the exact opposite. Sickle cell anemia demonstrates incomplete dominance in human beings. In Africa, natural selection has made this allele frequent up to 20 percent heterozygous manifestations in portions of west Africa. (Being heterozygous gives protective qualities against malaria.) Even heterozygous individuals express the malformed hemoglobin that contributes to symptoms of sickle cell anemia - exercise intolerance, low oxygen saturation levels, etc. So in effect, a large segment of Africans are at a physical DISadvantage physically.
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      Jean Warren said on Sept. 23, 2010 at 9:07 a.m.
      Very interesting - do you ever do informal discussions of your book and/or I'd love to sit in on a class you teach to hear more insights. I am a UT grad (BBA - Finance 1982). Oldest daughter is now a Freshman this fall at UT. Live here & close to campus. I'm a big fan of many sports (some more than others), and have always been intrigued with professional tennis athletes and am actively involved in local tennis community. I also adore college football, swimming, and many other sports (not necessarily big on boxing, weightlifting, curling). Another tennis professional to follow is Zina Garrison. Although I have not read about her in quite some time, she also is fascinating face and person. Thank you for considering my request.
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    Sociologist quoted by USA Today
    Sociologist quoted by USA Today
    Despite years of dialogue about equality and diversity, many occupations remain segregated...
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