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  • Dells’ Foundation Invests $50 Million in UT Med School

    Dells’ Foundation Invests $50 Million in UT Med School

    Published: Jan. 30, 2013

    The Dell Medical School, as it will be known, is one of several investments the Dell family foundation has made at UT and in Central Texas.

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      Robert Cullick said on Feb. 11, 2013 at 3:11 p.m.
      I am spokesperson for the Dell Medical Center and would like to address two issues that have been raised by commentators. Size of the class: We'll start with a first-year class of 50, and grow the school year-by-year. We'll need to match the size of the total class to the resources that are available, including the faculty, labs and classroom space. There is no target for the ultimate class size, but we do not expect that the school will be a very large one by medical school standards. Regarding the location: It is far too early in the process to determine whether current facilities such as the tennis courts will be affected. Right now, a team is looking at the functions and requirements of the buildings that will be constructed: an education and administration building; research laboratories; a new teaching hospital; and a medical office tower. The location under review is adjacent to the university on the southeast side of the campus, including the current site of the University Medical Center at Brackenridge, which will be replaced. Thanks for your interest!
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      Bill said on Feb. 2, 2013 at 8:16 p.m.
      There is a difference between the Dell Foundation and the Dell company which (apparently, to some) pays low wages. The Foundation's gift to the medical school is generous and well-needed. The Foundation is separate from the business of making computers, although some of Mr. Dell's profits from that business do go toward the Foundation.