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  • Smart Ideas for Reviving American Health Care

    Smart Ideas for Reviving American Health Care

    By Tracy Mueller
    Published: April 28

    It’s too expensive and makes too many mistakes. Expert faculty members offer their solutions for an ailing system. Learn more.

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      Victoria Bradley said on May 10 at 1:13 p.m.
      Dr. Clay Johnston makes a good point. As a country, we need to refocus our medical system to be more about the patients than profits. By integrating technology, we can make the system better for patients because they will be taken care of in a way that seems more personal and more caring. Patients should not be disconnected from their healthcare, but should feel like they play an integral role in their treatments. But there is a downside to enhancing the relationship between doctors and patients: although a patient may have a higher level of satisfaction with their healthcare, overall their care can actually be compromised because patients become too trusting and can be taken advantage of. Additionally, patients may be reluctant to report malpractice if they have a strong relationship with their doctor because they will not want their "friend" to get into any trouble. We need to find a balance between the social and the distant aspects of healthcare to ensure that Americans get the best care. Even though this is definitely an area that will bring some improvement, we need many other drastic changes to our healthcare system to get it up to the standards that we deserve. Citizens should not be at risk of personal bankruptcy when attending to their health needs; citizens should be able to get all of the care to which they are entitled. We need to make a change in this country to make healthcare a right rather than a privilege. In the U.S., we spend far more per capita on healthcare using public tax dollars than countries with entirely socialized medicine and get no healthcare in return. Our care and procedures are outrageously expensive, and reform could change that. Americans are clearly unhappy with their healthcare system, so it is time that we finally do something to fix what is broken. I ask that you watch the two linked videos. One is about the healthcare system in France, a system that is the envy of many other countries. The U.S. could learn something from their system. The second video explains the complicated reasons why healthcare is so expensive in America relative to other countries. More Americans should be informed of the alternatives so that we do not have to be stuck with our current system.
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      Bill Storrer said on May 9 at 8:51 a.m.
      At a Harvard symposium in the 1980s a doctor showed the mechanism of how cancer enters a cell. Plugging the entry would eliminate cancer. So, why are we decades later still having no solution for cancer? The solution should be obvious. In China many pay a doctor while they are healthy. They stop payment when they get sick. We might try this. Obamacare is the best we could get given that certain politicians demand that someone must make a profit out of healthcare. Get rid of profit in healthcare (and education) and costs would fall.
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