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  • Supporting the survivors

    Supporting the survivors

    By Know Staff
    Know Staff
    Published: Jan. 26, 2011

    Elizabeth Pomeroy, co-director of the Institute for Grief, Loss and Family Survival, discusses an approach to empower the grieving.

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      Lakita said on Feb. 1, 2011 at 11:08 p.m.
      I can understand when a person is suffeing from depression. When u r constantly being critized and feeling like u r worthless to society and treated like a second class citizen it makes people do evil things. I am not justifying what the shooter did was right. But if people would focus on peoples accomplishments and not their failures the world would be a better place. I pray for the families that loss their loved ones. But I also pray for the boy's family because he obviously had some serious issues that people should have noticed a long time before the shooting had occured