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  • On religion and politics

    On religion and politics

    By Christopher Palmer
    Published: March 27, 2012

    Religious Studies Professor Tom Tweed discusses religion’s role in politics and its impact on this year’s election season outcomes.

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      carryllynn said on April 5, 2012 at 5:28 p.m.
      Regardless of our opinions, geneticists are deciding for us that our political persuasion is far more genetic than 'environmental. Perhaps, therefore, might not our attitude towards religion rest with the same fate? And, can environment be strong enough to sway our genetic predilections? Regardless, we have so many problems - mainly excessively out of control BIG government spending, that religion should take a back seat to arguments in how to reduce our national debt, our balance of trade debt, and create more jobs. Inflation is happening, but Paulsen and Guitner have their heads in the sand on that... we need someone who will tell the truth and keep us from being the next "Greece!"
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      Melody Simon said on April 5, 2012 at 2:03 p.m.
      Definitely a topic that can barely be covered in five minutes, but it highlights the idea that I've become familiar with only as of late - that those on the right believe people are already born, or programmed, to be evil (regardless of environmental factors), while those on the left believe that all, or most, people are capable of redemption or salvation. It is the fundamental difference and not discussed often (or ever) in the theater of politics. It seems that most historians and academics agree that this country was founded on the notion of freedom FROM religion (or religious tyranny). As a woman, I feel like I'm living under tyranny, where my life decisions are being usurped by others whom I don't fundamentally or philosophically agree with. We're headed back to the Dark Ages and it's most unfortunate. We will be left very very behind on the global stage, particularly because the religious enjoy attacking science and education - the very things that propelled this country ahead and made it so great. Really, really sad.
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