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  • Texas' love affair with incarceration

    Texas' love affair with incarceration

    By Michele Deitch
    Michele Deitch
    Published: Nov. 22, 2010

    Michele Deitch, an expert on criminal justice policy, argues that Texas’ incarceration policies have shaped America’s modern prison system.

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      Andrew said on Sept. 1, 2011 at 6:01 p.m.
      Why no mention of the evil Fascist who caused this? George Bush Jr. The Texas economy was built on cattle, then oil, now it's human suffering. Minorities and lower economic groups who can't AFFORD justice are the victims. The prisons were intentionally built in locations to provide jobs for conservative republican bases with huge redistricting battles fought to ensure the Republican domination of Texas. The construction of these gulags helped line the pockets of big business buddies, and subjugate the masses of free thinkers who would challenge them. When will Texans realize the power they hold to make changes here? When will the Rick Perry's be sent packing when they fail to act in Texas best interest?
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      Only a Matter of Time: A Hopeful Review of Texas’ Long Fall | The HNIC Report said on Dec. 15, 2010 at 1:08 a.m.
      [...] the size of its prison population from 50,000 to more than 150,000. This rapid growth, observed┬áMichele Deitch, a senior lecturer at the University of Texas School of Public Affairs, ┬árepresents “the [...]
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    Transforming the Texas prison system
    Transforming the Texas prison system
    Mary Crouter, assistant director of the William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest...
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    In Texas prisons, violence and racism reign
    In Texas prisons, violence and racism reign
    Jorge Antonio Renaud, a graduate student in the School of Social Work, spent 27 years...
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