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  • When climate change isn't the only answer

    When climate change isn't the only answer

    By Daniel Oppenheimer, College of Natural Sciences
    Published: April 18, 2011

    Biologist Mike Singer says climate scientists can sometimes go wrong when they try too hard to attribute local effects to global climate change.

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      Rebecca Gallogly said on April 20, 2011 at 9:16 a.m.
      The money that tips the scales in the real world for global warming is big business and private enterprise, not government grant money. Big business and private enterprise have won the global warming debate for decades now. Until we eliminate the conflict of interest wherein big business entities can buy out politicians, it will be an uphill battle at best to convince the general public that global warming is a real issue. We need our community leaders to send out a clear, singular message that global warming is a problem. Granted, there will be times when systems are mistakenly interpreted to be affected by global warming -- the statistical Type 2 error issue that is inherent in scientific enterprise. The question to be raised here is, what tangible, pragmatic costs will likely be associated with these mistakes, compared with assuming global warming is not a problem? I believe we are taking a greater risk by pretending global warming is not a problem.
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      Jenny said on April 19, 2011 at 10:49 a.m.
      It's not just the butterfly's that many have been too quickly willing to blame on human-caused climate change. In fact, there's a pattern of such indiscretion, and you are absolutely right, it has done much to make people question if there isn't another more politically and monetarily (I.e. where does the funding come from that is vitally necessary to keep certain labs open) motivated reason behind this need by so many that humans just must be the cause of global warming, at all costs, and this must be accepted by everyone. And anyone who disagrees must be quickly silenced, discredited, or utterly ostracized by their peers, no matter the merit of their claims. And don't call me a liar because many that have gone up against human-caused global warming, what I said above has all been done to them. It would be one thing if the power and money were held by the dissenters, because it would be feasible that they were being paid and/or pressured to find results that support the dissension, but they're not the ones that hold the power and money. In fact, they are the people who often put their entire careers on the line to make a claim that goes against this popular scientific opinion of human-caused global warming. Many of them had their careers pretty much ruined and funding grants did not see them so well paid anymore after they made their claims. Ignoble people don't tend to be so self-sacrificing,
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