Joanna Tychowski

Graduate Research Assistant




2010- M.S. in Molecular Biology/ Biotechnology at Kean University, New Jersey
2009- B.S. in Molecular Biology/Biotechnology at Kean University, New Jersey

Environmental carcinogen effect on genetic stability of H-DNA and Z-DNA.  Determine potential mechanisms in genetic instabilities associated with human diseases.


Krause-Parello, C., Tychowski, J., Boyd, Z. and Gonzales, A. Human-Canine Interaction: Exploring Stress Indicator Response Patterns of Salivary Cortisol and Immunoglobulin A. Research and Theory for Nursing Practice. (Accepted for publication September 22, 2010)


1st Place Award for Graduate Presentation at NJAS Meeting (May 2010)
2nd Place Award for Graduate Poster at MACUB Meeting (October 2009)
NJCSTME Professional Track Scholarship (2005-2010)
Algrid V. Gudaitis Memorial Scholarship (2008)
Albert and Helen Mazurkiewicz Scholarship (2006)



Tychowski, J. May 2010. Fine Scale Determination of Fatty Acids and Cholera Toxin Concentrations for Application to Mouse Macrophages and Human Epithelial Cells. Power- point presentation. New Jersey Academy of Science Annual Meeting. Kean University, Union, NJ.

Tychowski, J., and P. Cobos. December 2009. Optimization of Tissue Culture Conditions and MTT Assay for a Cholera Project. Power-point presentation. Biophilia Seminar Series, Kean University, Union, NJ.

Tychowski, J., and P. Cobos. October 2009. Determination of Fatty Acid and Cholera Toxin Concentrations for Treatments of Epithelial Cells: Can Fatty Acids Provide Mucosal Immunity against Cholera Infections? Poster presentation. Metropolitan Association of College and University Biologists, Brooklyn, NY.

Tychowski, J., and D. Petito. April 2009. Optimization of the Sigma Protease Fluorescence Detection Kit. Power-point presentation. NJCSTME Annual Student Research Symposium, Kean University, Union, NJ.