Dr. Junhua Zhao PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow


Lab Video Producer


2007-present- Postdoctoral Fellow,Vasquez Lab, The University of Texas at Austin

Investigated mechanism of recognizing and processing DNA interstrand crosslink induced by chemotherapeutic agent psoralen-TFO for cancer treatment. Discovered novel interaction between mismatch repair complex and nucleotide excision repair complexes on psoralen-induced DNA interstrand crosslink damage.

Comparing mechanisms of non-B DNA structure-induced genomic instability in bacteria, yeast and human cells. Completed construction of yeast shuttle vector and yeast artificial chromosome containing non-B DNA structure-forming sequences. Discovered the mutagenesis of non-B structure-forming sequences in yeast.

Characterizing mutations generated by non-B DNA structures in yeast genomic DNA. Screening gene products affecting mutagenicity of non-B structures genome-wide.



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2007- The University of Texas at Austin Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology

2000- The University of Science and Technology of China B.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology,





Invited reviewer for the peer-reviewed journal ‘Molecular Carcinogenesis’.

Poster at the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) 108th General Meeting.

Platform presentation at the 36th Texas Genetics Society Annual Meeting.



Lecturer, University of Texas/M.D. Anderson Summer Undergraduate Research Program (2008-2009).

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Texas at Austin (Fall, 2006). Physiology and Human Anatomy Laboratory.



AACR, EMS, LLS, American Cancer Society–RFL