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The Master of Laws Program

Concentration in Latin American and International Law

The concentration in Latin American and International Law is offered in conjunction with the country's preeminent center for the study of Latin America, the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (LLILAS) at the University of Texas at Austin. The program provides students with an increased understanding of the transnational legal environment in the Americas. This program is flexible, allowing students to focus on a particular area of study or to take courses on a broad range of international topics, including business, trade and investment, human rights, immigration, and environmental law.

Students may also incorporate interdisciplinary study by completing LLILAS courses in areas such as public policy, anthropology, economics, history, art, literature, politics and sociology. Students may earn a certificate in Latin American Studies from LLILAS (in addition to the certificate from the Law School) by completing a sufficient number of courses through LLILAS.

Because of the importance of a foreign language to the practice of law in the Americas, students are required to demonstrate basic proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese. Students who are not native speakers of either language must pass a language proficiency test. Alternatively, the language requirement may be met by presenting evidence of two years of college-level Spanish or Portuguese, plus performance deemed satisfactory during a 15 minute oral interview designed to assess the student's ability to comprehend and converse in the language. In special circumstances, proficiency in another language may satisfy the language requirement.

This concentration is open to students with a foreign law degree and students with a J.D.

General Requirements (must complete a total of 24 credits)

  • A three-credit writing seminar or a two-credit directed research project (with a 30-page paper in a related area).
  • Introduction to U.S. Law (This course is required for students with a foreign law degree. Foreign students with a background of common law study may request a waiver of this requirement.)

Law School Concentration Requirements

  • Must complete at least 12 credits in Latin American, international or comparative law courses.

Certificate in Latin American Studies from LLILAS

  • Must complete at least 6 credits (of the required 12 credits) in graduate-level courses approved by LLILAS.

Sample Law School Courses (seminars not listed)

  • Emergence of Modern European Law
  • Human Rights Clinic
  • Immigration
  • Immigration Clinic
  • International Arbitration
  • International Criminal Law
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • International Human Rights
  • International Human Rights Litigation
  • International Tax
  • Introduction to European Union Law
  • National Security Clinic
  • Public International Law
  • Terror & Consent: Constitutional & International Law
  • Transnational Worker Rights Clinic