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The Annual Fund

As the sunflower turns its face to the sun, so does the lawyer turn to the light of justice

For 125 years, the University of Texas School of Law has reminded its graduates of their special responsibility to uphold the light of justice by presenting each of them with a sunflower during the Law School’s Sunflower Ceremony—its graduation exercises.

UT Law School is distinctive among American law schools.  As a public, state-sponsored law school, it is tightly woven into the cultural fabric of the State of Texas, serving as the premier center for training the State’s lawyers and civic leaders, and as a resource for the State across a broad spectrum of interests—legal, political, commercial, and social.  As a law school with an international reputation for excellence, UT Law educates men and women from across the country and around the globe, training leaders who fan out all over the world to lead lives of service.  At its core, UT Law School holds these tenets:

  • that devotion to the rule of law is a noble enterprise to be constantly guarded and nurtured;
  • that our graduates are in a unique position to influence for good the communities in which they live and to improve our society generally;
  • that excellence at every point of the education it provides is a duty; and
  • that access to this excellence in legal education and training should be available to the broadest possible range of students.

Now, more than ever before in its history, UT Law School depends on faithful and generous private support to achieve its mission.  Your gift makes you a partner in educating the men and women who will uphold the rule of law, protect civil and human rights, advance our individual and shared wealth in business and industry, and who will lead our common life on an ever-shrinking planet.  Be a part of history.  Be a part of the future.  Seize the day!  Join us by supporting the work of UT Law School.