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Endowed Gifts

Endowments provide the critical support for faculty, students, and programs that distinguish a good law school from a great one. The generosity of our alumni and friends help The University of Texas School of Law recruit world-class faculty, provide scholarships to outstanding students, and support the sixth largest academic law library in the country.

Faculty Endowments

At Texas, teaching matters. Faculty members excel in training students to sharpen their analytical thinking and to open their minds to creative solutions. Our faculty write many of the textbooks and legal treatises that guide legal education, they assist legislators in reforming the law, and they advise the bar on matters of ethics and professional responsibility. Faculty endowments enhance our ability to compete for the best faculty by providing salary supplements and funding for research leaves, research assistants, travel expenses to attend scholarly conferences, and the purchase of specialized research materials.

  • Endowed Chairs recognize the most senior and distinguished of the faculty-holding a chair is one of the highest honors a faculty member can receive. Minimum funding required to establish an endowed chair is $1,000,000.
  • Endowed Professorships are awarded to senior and mid-level faculty whose scholarship and teaching distinguishes them among their peers. Minimum funding required to establish an endowed professorship is $300,000.
  • Endowed Faculty Fellowships support excellent teaching faculty regardless of rank or tenure, including visiting scholars-in-residence. Minimum funding required to establish an endowed fellowship is $150,000.
  • Faculty Excellence Endowments are used to support specific academic areas and programs, such as transactional law, bankruptcy law, and international and comparative law. Minimum funding is $100,000.

Student Endowments

Our students are our greatest assets. They come from every region of the country and many parts of the world. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences enhance both the quality of education and the quality of life at UT Law. Scholarship support enables the Law School to attract the best students and to assist those with financial aid.

  • Endowed Presidential Fellowships are merit-based and awarded to law students who meet the criteria set forth by the donor. Minimum funding for an Endowed Presidential Fellowship is $100,000.
  • Endowed Presidential Scholarships are merit-based awards for students meeting the criteria of the Endowed Presidential Scholarship Program and those set forth by the donor. Minimum funding to create an Endowed Presidential Scholarship is $50,000.
  • Endowed Graduate Fellowships are awarded to deserving law students based on criteria set forth by the donor. The minimum funding to create an Endowed Graduate Fellowship is $50,000.
  • Endowed Scholarships are awarded to deserving Law students based on criteria set forth by the donor. The minimum funding to create an Endowed Scholarship is $50,000.

Program Support Endowments

  • Excellence Endowments support specific or general programs in the colleges, schools and units. Minimum funding required to create an Excellence Endowment is $25,000.
  • Book Fund Endowments provide much needed support for the Law School's extensive library collections. They fund general library operations or the acquisition of books, electronic resources, and other materials and equipment. The minimum funding for an Endowed Book Fund is $10,000.

For information about endowments in The University of Texas School of Law, contact:
Jennifer Sloan, Director of Development
(512) 232-0729