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Why give to the Annual Fund?

Money alone cannot make a law school great; but a great law school cannot realize its ambitions without vigorous philanthropic support. The Annual Fund provides unrestricted financial assistance to the University of Texas School of Law—your contributions are used where they are needed most urgently.

Gifts at every level are very much appreciated and every one counts. The cumulative effect of all unrestricted giving—more than $1.5 million a year—makes a measurable and meaningful difference in the quality and capabilities of UT Law, and helps bridge the funding gap between UT Law and our peer schools. This fiscal flexibility allows us to innovate, and respond quickly and decisively to emerging opportunities in student and faculty recruitment, student career and employment services, scholarly research, student organizations, and hands-on training through clinical education. Excellence in these areas sets UT Law apart, and the Annual Fund makes that excellence possible.

  • I give to the Annual Fund because the education I received at the University of Texas School of Law gave me a foundation that made it possible for me to practice and prosper. UT Law taught me how to think, and it gave me the credibility to talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time.
    —Michael B. Kentor, ’72
  • With the increasing cost of legal education there comes an increasing dependence on financial aid. The last thing I want is for a door to close on someone because of a lack of financial aid. Sometimes I think people don’t give because they aren’t big, high-dollar philanthropists. But if everybody gives a little, it means a lot. Scholarships made it possible for me to get a law degree. I give to the Annual Fund because my giving makes law school possible for others.
    —Monica Ingram, ’98
  • Law School was a very meaningful experience for me largely because of the faculty. I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to study with professors like Page Keeton, Robert Hamilton, and Charles Alan Wright. I give to the Annual Fund to help ensure that same level of teaching excellence exists for future students.
    —John Langmore, ’89
  • I give to the Annual Fund because it is a great investment in the state of Texas. UT Law trains many of the state’s leaders in a number of professions—not just law.
    —Brian Faulkner, ’05
  • Although I no longer practice law, I still use the education I received at UT Law on a regular basis - for assessment, planning, and high-level problem solving. As a fundraising consultant to nonrofit organizations, I know that private support makes a big difference in higher education these days, so I give to the Annual Fund to sustain the margin of excellence that opened so many doors for me.
    —Trisha Hensley, ’89
  • If, in business, you're the guy who knows the law, you have a real advantage. So a law degree is every bit as good as an MBA, if not better. UT Law is already a world-class institution, yet both Bill Powers and Larry Sager are working to make it even greater - to make it the best it can be. I give to the Annual Fund to help make that happen.
    —Trisha Hensley, ’89
  • As the Director of Student Services at UT Law, I work with students every day and I understand the value of a genuinely diverse population. I know how important it is to make sure UT Law continues to educate students from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. I give to the Annual Fund to make that possible.
    —Brandi Weaver, ’05
  • I give to support causes I believe in. And I believe in the School of Law.
    —Beth Myler, ’89