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Campaign Funding Priorities and Naming Opportunities

Center for Women in Law

The Center for Women in Law represents the vision and commitment of thirty-one Founders, a dedicated group of alumnae and friends from across the U.S. who conceived of the Center and pledged $50,000 each for initial funding.

The Center will be a significant resource for women law students and lawyers as they pursue their careers and assume leadership positions. The Center will provide guidance, support, and skills that will help women law students and lawyers navigate a dynamic market and maximize their opportunities. The Center will be an agent for change and will bring together experienced lawyers, academicians, public officials, and other professionals to (i) foster professional development through training and mentoring; (ii) enhance networking and career advancement; (iii) establish and promote best practices for law firms, businesses, and other organizations for the advancement and retention of women; (iv) provide a center for academic research; and (v) support women lawyers as they advance in their careers. The Center will commission scholarly research, collect relevant data, and draft model policies designed to rectify inequalities and secure meaningful opportunities for women in law. Its members will advocate for significant and lasting changes both in law and in the practice of law.

One of the Center’s first initiatives was its inaugural conference, which was held in Austin in spring 2009. The Women’s Power Summit on Law and Leadership was a historic gathering of leading women in law, ranging from those at the highest echelons of private practice and the corporate sector to their counterparts in government, non-profits, academia, and the judiciary. At the Summit, the country’s elite female lawyers exchanged ideas and field-tested solutions, and drafted “The Austin Manifesto,” a platform that calls for specific, concrete steps to tackle the stubborn obstacles facing women in the profession today.

Naming Opportunities

Name Program$8,000,000
Visiting Scholar$1,000,000
Founder Level Funding$50,000
Non-endowed (current use) giftsmany levels

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity, please contact Carla Cooper, Assistant Dean for Alumni Relations and Development, at (512) 232-1939, or