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Campaign Funding Priorities and Naming Opportunities

Corporate Governance Center

The planned Corporate Governance Center will support research and scholarship designed to promote a clearer understanding of how modern public corporations are and should be managed for the benefit of their constituencies and society, with the aim of becoming a national leader in the corporate governance arena, drawing from the entire country, with a specific but not exclusive focus on the business segments represented by Texas-based companies (energy and energy services, petrochemical, healthcare, bio tech, and high tech).

Since Enron and other high-profile corporate scandals in 2001–2003, there has been an almost universally held view is that these collapses were symptomatic of failures of corporate governance. Public companies are critically important to the economic well-being of our country, and there is a strong public interest in the viability and integrity of these companies.

The Center will bring a programmatic focus to traditional educational activities for Law School students: classes, seminars, clinics, and workshops. It will promote and coordinate faculty and student research and writing projects. The Center will conduct conferences and seminars involving judges, academics, practitioners, and corporate officers and directors, and sponsor guest lecturers through a distinguished speaker series.

Academically, the Center will focus on the study of the relationships between the three most significant constituents of public companies: the shareholders who own the companies; the directors who are elected by the shareholders and legally responsible for the management of the companies; and the officers, appointed by the directors, who run the companies on a day-to-day basis. Specifically, issues may include shareholder activism, director responsibilities and liabilities, executive pay, auditing issues and financial disclosure, and financial innovations affecting corporate control.

Naming Opportunities

Name Program$5,000,000
Visiting Scholar, Professor or Practitioner$1,000,000
International Conference (every 2 years)$500,000

Named endowment levels are based on budget requirements and an annual spending rate of approximately five percent of the value of the fund. Non-endowed (current use) gifts for the funding priorities listed above are welcome at all levels, and will be recognized in an appropriate way.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity, please contact Carla Cooper, Assistant Dean for Alumni Relations and Development, at (512) 232-1939, or