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Through CDO-organized interview programs, students are given the opportunity to select employers with whom they would like to interview. In turn, employers devote a significant amount of time and resources to reviewing student resumes and arranging interviews. It is expected and required that students will interview with all employers that select them for interviews. Students who fail to honor their commitments compromise themselves, fellow classmates and the Law School.

This policy applies to The Law Consortium's recruitment programs. All students participating in The Law Consortium recruitment programs are required to abide by this policy. For purposes of this policy, the term "interviews" includes "informational sessions." In addition to abiding by this policy, all students should be familiar with their individual law school policies with regard to recruiting and interviewing. Failure to comply with this policy may result in your exclusion from further participation in The Law Consortium recruitment programs.

Scheduling Interviews: You will be notified by e-mail if you have been selected for an interview. Once you are chosen for an interview, you will be given a deadline by which you must schedule your interview. If you fail to sign-up for an interview by the scheduled deadline, you will have forfeited your interview slot and that slot will be reassigned to an alternate student.

Declining Interviews: In fairness to other students, please apply to employers in which you have a genuine interest and only those for which you would be willing and able to accept an interview. Should you need to decline an interview before scheduling it, do so immediately by following the procedure on Symplicity.

Canceling Interviews: Once you have scheduled an interview, you are expected to honor that commitment. Last-minute cancellations reflect badly on The Law Consortium as well as on your own reputation within the legal community. Exceptions may be made for students who have formally accepted a job offer after they have signed up for an interview time (See "Offer Policy" below). Please notify your law school career services office and the job fair coordinator immediately if you have accepted an offer and must cancel your interviews OR no less than three business days before the scheduled interview. If you have received an offer but have not accepted the offer, you cannot cancel your interviews.  Exceptions may be made if you accept an offer within three business days before the scheduled interview based on the discretion of the job fair coordinator.  Students may not contact the employer directly to cancel an interview. We understand that emergencies may occur. Should an emergency arise and you find that you are unable to attend a scheduled interview, please contact the job fair coordinator.

No-Shows: Failure to honor an interview appointment is considered by all parties to be a serious breach of courtesy and ethics. No-shows keep other students from interviewing opportunities, are a major inconvenience to employers, and may result in an employer refusing to return to the program in future years.  Should you fail to show up for a scheduled interview, you will be required to meet with the Director of your career services office and to write a letter of apology to the employer within 24 hours. Two cancellations and/or "no-shows" may result in your exclusion from further participation in The Law Consortium recruitment programs. Additionally, such conduct may preclude you from participation in your school's recruiting programs.

Offer Policy: Do not accept a job offer if you intend to continue interviewing! When you accept an offer, you have agreed to work for that specific organization. All previously scheduled interviews must be cancelled (See "Canceling Interviews" above) and candidates are no longer eligible to continue to apply for positions sponsored through recruiting programs.

The George Washington University Law School does not make its Center for Professional Development and Career Strategy facilities and services available to employers whodiscriminate in the selection of employees on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.

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