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Alumni Resumes & Cover Letters

A resume is the most important document for your job search. It provides an employer with a brief description of your professional and educational background. It should be clear, concise, interesting to read, and pleasing to the eye. The manner in which you state your accomplishments, experiences, and qualities is as important as the details themselves. Active, energetic phrases that attract the reader's attention will make the difference between an impressive resume and a merely average one. While we encourage you to exhibit some creativity when writing your resume, keep in mind that there are some generally accepted guidelines that you should follow. Remember that the contents and style of your resume will determine whether an employer considers you for possible employment. Above all, your resume should be completely error-free.

Like a resume, a cover letter ought to be direct, persuasive, descriptive, and attractive. Be sure to highlight your legal specialities if applicable.

Junior Associate Resume Sample (PDF)
Junior Associate Cover Letter Sample (PDF)

Partner-Level Resume Sample (PDF)
Partner-Level Cover Letter Sample (PDF)

Sample Deal Sheet (PDF)

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