Children at Risk 2014 Equal Justice Works Juvenile Law Fellowship

Children at Risk
is a research and advocacy nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of Texas’ children through strategic research, legal action, public policy analysis, community education, and collaboration. The organization focuses on the following issues: education, human trafficking, juvenile justice, mental health, and parenting. They are the leading source of accurate information on the needs of all children in Texas, as well as an advocate and catalyst for policy change, with offices in Houston and North Texas.

Children at Risk is interested in hosting a 2014 Equal Justice Works (EJW) Law Fellow. The 2014 Equal Justice Works Law Fellowship with Children at Risk will provide a diverse array of professional, personal, and intellectual opportunities for law fellows. An ideal project would have a strong policy focus and would address current issues of education, juvenile justice, immigration, or human trafficking in Texas. Children at Risk is prepared to work closely with applicants to develop a successful and exciting project.

Applicants must apply with Equal Justice Works for the 2014 Law Fellowship and be selected by EJW to receive the Law Fellowship; Children at Risk will serve as the host organization.

Applicants should email their resume to Kavita Desai at, and indicate the issue(s) in which they are interested. They are accepting inquiries until the EJW deadline of September 17, 2013.