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A resource for students at The University of Texas School of Law regarding the on-campus and off-campus application and interview process, as well as news about upcoming career panels and professional development workshops.

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International Labour Organization Seeking U.S. Applicants – Apply Today

The International Labour Organization (ILO) values diversity among its staff. They welcome applicants from qualified women and men, including those with disabilities. Applications from qualified candidates from non- or under-represented member States, or from those member States that staffing forecasts indicate will become non- or under-represented in the near future, would be particularly welcome. TheU.S. is among the under-represented counties in the UN system and therefore would welcome applicants from Texas Law.

The ILO currently has a position available for an entry-level legal officer – also see CSO Job Bank posting 15754.

Nonpracticing Careers – McCombs Undergraduate Career Expo on Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Texas Law students are invited to attend the McCombs School of Business Undergraduate Career Expo to meet with participating employers.

Undergraduate Career Expo
Wednesday, September 10, 2014
UT RecSports Center, 2nd Floor
Time Open to all UT Majors: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Event Entry Requirements

Students must have a valid UT ID and be wearing professional business attire to enter the expo. Students will not be admitted into the Career Expo if they are not dressed appropriately. Here are the main items in regards to professional attire…please note, this list is not the comprehensive list. Please see this super handy Business Professional Attire Guidelines poster and for more detailed information please see the complete Business Attire Guide.

  • Wear a conservative, matching suit – the material of the jacket must match the material of the slacks or skirt
  • Suit must be dark grey, navy or black (not a dark purple or other dark colors and we will not let in a light colored suit)
  • Professional shoes-must match belt/suit color (no brightly-colored or flesh-toned shoes, no open toed shoes and no boots)
  • No visible piercings or tattoos
  • No extreme hair colors

If you have any questions about attending this fair, please contact Angelica Salinas Evans in the CSO at

Peggy Browning Fund Conference – Apply for Nominations by September 4, 2014

The Peggy Browning Fund’s 16th Annual National Law Students Workers’ Rights Conference takes place October 17-18, 2014 in Linthicum Heights, MD. The University of Texas School of Law may nominate an unlimited number of students to attend the conference. One student, however, will be eligible for conference sponsorship (including on-site meals and lodging expenses) by the Peggy Browning Fund and travel sponsorship by the Career Services Office.

Apply for Nominations and Sponsorship
To be considered for nomination and sponsorship, please submit your resume and a brief essay (no more than two pages) describing why you want to attend the conference to Nicole Simmons in the CSO at by noon on Thursday, September 4, 2014.

The selection committee will consider such factors as your demonstrated interest in either workers’ rights issues or public interest law and whether you have previously attended the conference. If you are selected as a nominee, you will need to partner with the CSO to register for the conference by Monday, September 8, 2014 to be considered for funding. Please note that registration and funding is administered on a first-come, first-served basis.

The CSO will notify nominees about available funds once the nominees are selected. For more information about the conference, visit the Peggy Browning Fund website or contact Nicole Simmons at or 512-232-1160.

RSVP to Law Student Reception with Texas Minority Counsel on September 4, 2014

Texas Law students are invited to attend a reception during the State Bar of Texas 22nd Annual Texas Minority Counsel Program.

Law Student Reception with Texas Minority Counsel
Thursday, September 4, from 4:00-5:00 p.m. at The Westin Austin
4:00-5:00 p.m. at The Westin Austin at The Domain
11301 Domain Drive in Austin, TX

RSVP is required for entry into the law student reception. RSVP also includes admittance to the TMCP Networking Reception from 5:00-6:30 p.m. RSVP immediately to

Students interested in networking with Texas corporate and government counsel and attending CLEs may register to attend the Texas Minority Counsel Program. For more information, visit the TMCP Registration page or view the program brochure (PDF).

How to Nail the On-Campus Interview

(August 7, 2014 via The American Lawyer): Grover Cleveland, author of Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks: The Essential Guide to Thriving as a New Lawyer, gives law students tips on surviving (and winning) on-campus interviews via his article “How to Nail the On-Campus Interview” on The American Lawyer.

10 Things To Do Before the Summer Ends

Mary Crane ( who conducts our 1L Etiquette Dinners, recently posted these useful tips. From her July 2014 enewsletter:

Over the next few weeks your time as a summer associate or intern will rapidly come to a close. Before you leave your summer employer, make sure you do the following 10 things to ensure you leave on a high note:

1. Transition work – Turn in completed work assignments. For any work that remains incomplete, prepare a short memo detailing what you’ve done and what work remains. If you have relied on specific sources for key information, list their names and key contact information. Provide supporting documentation. Make it super easy for someone else to finish the project.

2. Meet with your supervisor(s) – Ask for feedback. Listen carefully. If any feedback is less than positive, do not become defensive. Show your appreciation for your supervisor’s willingness to share his/her thoughts and time.

3. Ask for copies of your work – To begin building a portfolio, you may wish to keep copies of any work you completed. Ask permission to do so. Remember, your work product belongs to your employer. Don’t assume you may keep it.

4. Say “thank you” – In a private conversation, thank your supervisor for the summer experience. Stop by the recruiting department and do the same. And don’t forget to thank other people—administrators, tech department, library, mailroom, and others—who helped you complete work.

5. Share your career plans – If you hope your summer experience will lead to a future job offer, clearly express this desire. You may or may not receive a positive response, however, don’t assume others know your goals and expectations.

6. Speak positively – If your summer experience was disappointing, suck it up. When you refer to it, only focus on the positive. Avoid complaining. Never burn a bridge.

7. Prepare to stay in touch – Create a plan to stay in touch with key people. Update your LinkedIn profile, adding information about your summer experience. Invite others to “link” to you. Avoid using Facebook for this purpose.

8. No gifting – Do not give a gift to your supervisor or to anyone else with whom you worked. Your good intent could be misinterpreted as an attempt to curry favor.

9. Hand write a thank-you note – Yes, it’s redundant, but this note gives you one last chance to leave a positive impression with your supervisor. Keep it short, simple, and sincere. Mail it within 48-hours of your last day of work.

10. Update your résumé – While your summer experience is still fresh in your mind, craft four or five quality sentences that describe the experience and the skills you acquired as a result.

Don’t let the end of your summer experience just happen. View it as one more opportunity to take charge of your career and close with class.

Vault’s Best Summer Associate Programs for 2015

(From Vault.comNicole Weber | July 10, 2014)  When it comes to finding a career in the legal industry, one of the most important decisions prospective lawyers can make is choosing the right summer associate program. In Vault’s annual associate survey, in which nearly 17,000 law firm associates participated, they asked first- through third-year associates who had summered at their current firms to rate the program both in terms of how well it prepared them for full-time practice and how much fun they had. The average of these two scores determined which firms ranked on Vault’s Best Summer Associate Programs or 2015 list.

Vault’s Best Law Firms for Diversity

(From Vault.comNicole Weber | July 15, 2014) A firm’s commitment to diversity directly impacts employee satisfaction, but also the bottom line. Maintaining a diverse workforce is essential to meeting the changing and wide-ranging needs of clients, and clients recognize this fact—they want to work with diverse teams of attorneys who will bring a variety of ideas to the table. For the 2015 rankings, please see the list of Best Law Firms for Diversity.

Dallas Association of Young Lawyers New INRoads Program – Sign Up Today

INroads is a program where new Dallas Association of Young Lawyers (DAYL) members can become acquainted with DAYL and all it has to offer including its committees, community service, networking opportunities, CLE programs, and great people. INroads is a year-long program that will match DAYL members who are looking to become more involved with DAYL members who are already involved.

INcomers are DAYL members who are looking to get more involved in DAYL, whether through volunteering or simply attending certain events. INthusiasts are DAYL members who already attend several events per year and want to help INcomers get involved in DAYL, whether through volunteering or simply attending certain DAYL or DAYL-sponsored events.

The goal of INroads is match INthusiasts with INcomers in order to offer a friendly face at DAYL events and to show members what DAYL has to offer. By signing up to be an INcomer, you can make DAYL an even better organization with more active members, more networking, and more learning. If are a new to Dallas, this program may be right for you.

Please fill out the online application form if you are interested in participating. If you have any questions, please contact Paige Tackett at

Vault’s Best Law Firms to Work For

(From – Nicole Webber | July 08, 2014) While prestige is certainly an important factor in the law firm job-seeking process, there are many other aspects of firm life to consider as well. In Vault’s annual Law Firm Associate Survey nearly 17,000 associates rated and commented on various areas of their work life including overall satisfaction, compensation, career outlook and more. Their answers generated Vault’s Quality of Life Rankings and their annual list of Best Law Firms to Work For.

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