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State Courts Accepting Judicial Clerks

To learn more about application and deadline information for the following state courts - including Guam, North Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and Tribal Courts - you may download "Applying to State Courts Accepting Judicial Clerks" (PDF; UT Law EID required).

State Highest Court Mid-Level Court Trial Courts
Alabama Supreme Court of Alabama Court of Civil and Criminal Appeals Trial Courts
Alaska Supreme Court of Alaska Court of Appeals

Superior Courts and Anchorage District Court

Arizona Supreme Court of Arizona Division 1- Phoenix
Division 2- Tucson
Superior Court
Arkansas Supreme Court of Arkansas Court of Appeals Circuit Courts
California Supreme Court of California Court of Appeals Superior Courts
Colorado Supreme Court of Colorado Court of Appeals Trial Courts
Connecticut Supreme Court of Connecticut Appellate Court Superior Court
Delaware Supreme Court of Delaware * Court of Chancery, Superior Court, and Family Court
District of Columbia * D.C. Court of Appeals Trial Courts
Florida Supreme Court of Florida Florida District Courts of Appeal Circuit Court
Georgia Supreme Court of Georgia Superior Court and State Courts *
Guam Supreme Court of Guam * Superior Court
Hawaii Supreme Court of Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals Circuit Court, Family Court, and District Court
Idaho Supreme Court of Idaho Idaho Court of Appeals District Court
Indiana Supreme Court of Indiana Court of Appeals Circuit and Superior Courts
Iowa Supreme Court of Iowa) Court of Appeals District Courts
Kansas Supreme Court of Kansas Court of Appeals *
Kentucky Supreme Court of Kentucky Court of Appeals *
Louisiana Supreme Court of Louisiana Court of Appeals District Courts
Maine Supreme Court of Maine * Superior Courts
Maryland Maryland Court of Appeals Court of Special Appeals Circuit Courts and District Courts
Massachusetts Supreme Court of Massachusetts Appeals Court Superior Courts, Probate and Family Courts, Land Court, Juvenile Court Department, District and Small Claims Courts
Michigan Supreme Court of Michigan Court of Appeals *
Minnesota Supreme Court of Minnesota Court of Appeals District Court
Mississippi Supreme Court of Mississippi Court of Appeals of the State of Mississippi Circuit and Chancery Courts
Missouri Supreme Court of Missouri Missouri Court of Appeals *
Montana Supreme Court of Montana * District Courts
Nebraska Supreme Court of Nebraska Court of Appeals District Courts
Nevada Supreme Court of Nevada * District Courts
New Hampshire Supreme Court of New Hampshire * Superior Court
New Jersey Supreme Court of New Jersey Appellate Division of Superior Court Superior Court: Law Division and Chancery Division Tax Court
New Mexico Supreme Court of New Mexico Court of Appeals District Court
New York New York Court of Appeals Appellate Division of the Supreme Court: Civil and Criminal Branches Supreme and County Courts
North Carolina Supreme Court of North Carolina North Carolina Court of Appeals *
North Dakota Supreme Court of North Dakota * District Court
North Mariana Islands Supreme Court of North Mariana Islands * Superior Court
Ohio Supreme Court of Ohio Court of Appeals Court of Common Plea
Oklahoma Supreme Court of Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals and Criminal Appeals *
Oregon Supreme Court of Oregon Court of Appeals and Tax Court *
Pennsylvania Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Superior Court and Commonwealth Court Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County and Other Judicial Districts
Puerto Rico Supreme Court of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Court of Appeals Court of First Instance
Rhode Island Supreme Court of Rhode Island * Superior, Family, and District
South Carolina Supreme Court o South Carolina Court of Appeals Circuit and Family
South Dakota Supreme Court of South Dakota * Circuit Court
Tennessee Supreme Court of Tennessee Court of Civil and Criminal Appeals Circuit and Criminal Court
Texas Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals Court of Appeals *
Utah Supreme Court of Utah Court of Appeals District Courts
Vermont Supreme Court of Vermont * Superior, Family, District, and Environmental
Virginia Supreme Court of Virginia Court of Appeals Circuit Courts
Washington Supreme Court of Washington Court of Appeals Superior, Municipal, and District Courts
West Virginia Appeals of West Virginia * Circuit Courts
Wisconsin Supreme Court of Wisconsin Court of Appeals Circuit Courts
Wyoming Supreme Court of Wyoming * District Courts