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Project-based Postgraduate Fellowships

Project-based postgraduate fellowships are funded by a third-party sponsor and allow fellows to perform project-specific work with a host organization. Project-based fellowships are awarded on the basis of fairly involved project proposals. Third-party funders typically select fellows that have identified a significant societal need and developed a project that will feasibly meet that need, created a project that is discrete and not duplicative, and partnered with an organization that is capable of accomplishing project goals. Additionally, selection committees pay close attention to ensure that the applicant’s skills, experiences and abilities are well suited to carry out his or her proposed project. The Equal Justice Works, Soros Justice Advocacy and Skadden Foundation fellowships are among the most popular national legal project-based fellowships.

UT Law students and graduates are also eligible to apply for the UT Law Justice Corps Fellowships. These fellowships operate much like the national project-based fellowships, but are awarded exclusively to UT Law graduating students and alumni.

For more information about the following project-based postgraduate fellowships, please contact Nicole Simmons, Director of Public Service Programs, at

Fellowships Overview

Equal Justice Works Fellowship

Equal Justice Works partners with sponsors to fund approximately 50 two-year fellowships annually. Applicants must be graduating students or alumni of member law schools and must demonstrate a commitment to public interest law. The applicants must also partner with nonprofit host organizations to design innovative projects that focus on providing legal advocacy on behalf of disenfranchised individuals and groups and addressing issues not adequately represented in our legal system.

EJW Application Deadline: TBA

To review successful sample applications from UT Law alumni, contact Nicole Simmons at

Skadden Foundation Fellowship

The Skadden Foundation funds approximately 25 two-year fellowships for graduating law students and alumni each year. The prestigious fellowships are awarded to individuals who have partnered with an eligible host organization to develop a project that provides civil legal services to underserved groups in the United States, including the poor, the elderly, the homeless, the disabled and those deprived of their civil and human rights. Fellows are selected based upon the qualifications of the applicant, the quality of the project and the effectiveness of the host organization.

Skadden Application Deadline: Fellowship application and supporting documents are due by mail on Monday, October 6, 2014.

Important CSO Dates:  Application packets should be sent in electronic form to Nicole Simmons at by noon on Monday, September 22, 2014. Comments will be returned no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, September 29, 2014.

To review successful sample applications from UT Law alumni, contact Nicole Simmons at

Oct. 6, 2014
Soros Justice Advocay Fellowship

Soros Justice Advocacy Fellowships fund local, state and national policy advocacy projects that address one or more of the Open Society Foundations’ criminal justice reform priorities. The fellowships are eighteen months in duration and may be, but don’t have to be, implemented in conjunction with a host organization. See Soros Fellowship Resources: Sponsors and Sample Applications.

Soros Application Deadline: TBA

Soros Fellowship Resources: Sponsors and Sample Applications binder available in the CSO Resource Library (TNH 3.130).


UT Law Justice Corps Fellowships

UT Law’s William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law administers these postgraduate fellowships designed to support UT Law graduates committed to working for the public good. The awards fund full-time work with public interest legal organizations that provide legal services to underrepresented individuals or groups. The fellows are selected by a faculty committee on the basis of the applicant’s project, commitment to public service and ability to achieve the project’s goals.

To review successful sample applications from UT Law alumni, contact Nicole Simmons at