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UT Law Mentor Directory

One of UT Law Career Services Office's (CSO) most valuable and utilized career resources is the online UT Law Mentor Directory, which lists UT Law alumni and friends who are available to advise students on choosing a practice area, legal market trends in diverse geographic locations, and other career-related topics.

As a student of the Law School we invite you to join our new group on LinkedIn to stay connected to the Law School, its students, and alumni. By joining the UT Law Alumni-Student Connections LinkedIn group, you and other members can maximize the advantage of the UT Law network. UT Law students will find this network useful for seeking information on a wide range of career-related topics. If you already have a LinkedIn account, log in and search under “Groups” for The University of Texas School of Law Alumni-Student Connections and click on “Join this group.” 

If you have any questions about our LinkedIn group or how to maximize your LinkedIn account, please contact Deb Freeman, Assistant Director for Communications, at

Professional Use of the Mentor Directory and LinkedIn Group

Please note that the Mentor Directory and LinkedIn group are available for attaining informational interviews and career guidance only. Do not contact mentors for employment or business purposes. The CSO reserves the right to deny access privileges to the Alumni-Students Group for those who do not comply with these guidelines.

To search for alumni via the LinkedIn group:

  1.  Join the UT Law Alumni-Students Connections Group.
  2. Once your request to join is accepted, go to the “Interests” tab and then select the group.
  3. While in the group, click on the Members tab and place your choice city in the search field. 
  4. Depending on your question, you may want to reach out directly to any of the members by introducing yourself as a current student at UT Law and that you are both members of the UT Law Alumni-Students Connections Group. By letting other members know about your connection, you’ll be more likely to receive a response.
  5. Or, you are welcome to go to “Discussions” and post a general question to the entire group such as “I’m a current first-year student at UT Law and wanted to learn more about Atlanta.”

Other tips to remember when connecting with alumni mentors:

  • Call or email the potential mentor with a short introduction and a request for some time, either for an informational interview or for a couple of quick questions.
  • Prepare informed questions for the mentor by researching him or her. Read the CSO handout on conducting "Informational Interviews."
  • Be persistent! Mentors are typically very busy and might not respond the first time you contact them. Don't hesitate to try again.
  • Ask for a business card, and provide the mentor with either your resume or business card.
  • Always follow-up with a thank-you note as mentors are giving you their time and expertise to help you. See thank-you letter samples.
  • Read the brochure "Working with a Mentor: 50 Practical Strategies for Success", published by the National Association for Law Placement, which is available in the CSO eResource Library.