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In order to comply with Symplicity requirements that transcripts be less than 200K in size, students and recent graduates (up to one year after graduation) should use the CSO Transcript Generator to upload a PDF copy onto Symplicity. Please note that the file downloaded will be small enough to upload to Symplicity, which will then convert it into a PDF. If you try to convert to a PDF via the webpage or by using your own software, the file may become too large.

Please note that The University of Texas School of Law cannot release unofficial transcripts to graduates after more than a year after graduation. Therefore, alumni can order an unofficial transcript from UT Law Student Affairs or an official transcript from UT-Austin's Office of the Registrar. Alumni may create a Grade Sheet (Word document) itemizing your transcript with a note that your official transcript will be made available upon request. Please be sure to proofread your Grade Sheet carefully before submitting to employers.

Grade Reports

If you are a UT Law alumnus and would like to request your graduating class' grade report, please contact the CSO at or call 512-232-1150.

The University of Texas School of Law uses a letter grading system for evaluating classroom performance. Grades range from A+ to F. Passing a course requires a grade of D, and a student must maintain a 1.90 (C=2.00, D=1.70) average to graduate.

It is the policy of The University of Texas School of Law not to rank its students on the basis of academic standing. Therefore, students may not estimate class standing or indicate a percentile ranking on their resumes.

Students who list their actual GPAs must report the grade to two decimal points. Students may not round their GPAs. The GPA listed must be the most current GPA as reported on the student's grade report. In calculating a grade average, points are assigned as follows:

A+ 4.30 B- 2.70
A 4.00 C+ 2.30
A- 3.70 C 2.00
B+ 3.30 D 1.70
B 3.00 F 1.30

A letter average may be used in lieu of a numerical GPA. Students should indicate their letter average according to the following range:

A+ 4.30 B- 2.70 - 2.99
A 4.00 - 4.29 C+ 2.30 - 2.69
A- 3.70 - 3.99 C 2.00 - 2.29
B+ 3.30 - 3.69 D 1.70 - 1.99
B 3.00 - 3.29 F 1.30 - 1.69

Students may also include seminar papers, published writing, honorary organizations, Dean's Achievement Awards for receiving the highest grade in the class, and other awards for academic excellence on their resumes.