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The Center on Lawyers, Civil Justice, and the Media

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Center on Lawyers, Civil Justice, and the Media
University of Texas School of Law
727 E. Dean Keeton St.
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The Center on Lawyers, Civil Justice, and the Media was established in 2002 to encourage the creation and broad dissemination of rigorous empirical studies of civil litigation and related subjects.

The Center's Co-Directors are Lynn A. Baker, holder of the Frederick M. Baron Chair in Law, and Charles Silver, holder of the Roy W. and Eugenia C. McDonald Endowed Chair in Civil Procedure. Sylvia Ramirez is the Center's administrative assistant.

The Center receives office space, administrative support, and basic funding from the University of Texas School of Law. The Center occasionally receives funding from other sources for specific projects. These sources are disclosed in the project materials.

Breaking News: Major Study of Medical Malpractice Claims Released

On March 10, 2005, the Center formally released a study of medical malpractice claims in Texas, 1988–2002. The study finds that claim frequencies, payouts, total costs, and jury verdicts were stable over the period. Only defense costs rose significantly, at just over 4% per year. The study concludes that forces operating in insurance markets must be responsible for recent spikes in insurance premiums because no changes occurred in the tort system that could possibly account for them. The study's authors are Professors Bernard S. Black (University of Texas), Charles Silver (University of Texas), David A. Hyman (University of Illinois), and William M. Sage (Columbia University).

Download the study and related materials.