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Improving Austin Stream Quality

Fecal Bacteria TMDLs in Four Austin Watersheds

The Coordination Committee for Improving Austin Streams (IAS) has approved a draft Implementation Plan (I-Plan) to submit to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  This plan outlines efforts to bring four Austin streams into compliance with state water quality standards for fecal coliform bacteria.  These efforts also will be utilized, as appropriate,  for other Austin-area streams.

You can access the draft I-Plan HERE   You may find a timeline which summarizes the five-year implementation of the plan’s management measures as an appendix to the draft I-Plan HERE

TCEQ will review the draft I-Plan, and is expected to submit it (with possible changes) and their TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) for public comment in late spring or summer, 2014.

Please continue to refer to the IAS webs site, which reflects timely information about upcoming meetings, current drafts and documents, maps and other pertinent IAS information.  To read more:

Map of watersheds in Austin listed as impaired for contact recreation by TCEQ.
Map of watersheds in Austin listed as impaired for contact recreation by TCEQ


Improving Austin Streams:
Walnut Creek, Waller Creek, Taylor Slough South
and Spicewood Tributary of Shoal Creek

Upcoming Meetings

Check back here for any upcoming meetings.

Quick Facts:

  • Four Austin streams have elevated levels of bacteria that may indicate an increased health risk for swimming or wading in the waters.

  • This project brings together interested people in the Austin area to design a plan that will improve water quality with the goal of making the streams safe for wading and swimming.

  • Coordination Committee members continue to guide the I-Plan process, while work groups have dissolved upon completion of their tasks to develop recommendations for reducing the different sources of pollution. The final recommendation will go to TCEQ for its approval after public comments are received and revisions made.

  • The Coordination Committee approved the following: "The goal of the Coordination Committee is to develop and implement strategies to reduce fecal contamination such that the affected watersheds fully meet contact recreation water quality standards."

  • On August 26,2013 the Coordination Committee approved a draft I-Plan to distribute for public comment.

  • On December 10, 2013 the Coordination Committee approved a final draft I-Plan to submit to TCEQ.

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