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Coal relegated to the back burner: More countries look to natural gas for electricity generation

Last month, Senate Republicans joined their Democratic counterparts in approving legislation acknowledging that “climate change is real and not a hoax.” Senators could not, however, agree on its cause, with two measures attributing climate change to human activity failing to pass. In stark contrast, across the Atlantic, political leaders in the United Kingdom (U.K.) have… Full Story

The new threat to lesser prairie chickens: How some legislators are attempting to undermine protection of the bird

The lesser prairie chicken – a mid-sized, brown and white striped bird inhabiting the southern Great Plains – has become a symbol of the growing tension between energy development and species conservation. Recent increases in oil and gas drilling, wind energy production, and other human activities impacting the lesser prairie chickens’ habitat has led to… Full Story

Rule of Capture Undermines Groundwater Regulation in Texas

In mid-western Hays County, a groundwater war is escalating. A private water supplier, with goals to pipe and sell close to 6,000 acre feet of water per year has strategically located a well field in an area of the Hill Country where the Trinity Aquifer is unregulated. Unlike the more recent groundwater controversies involving decisions… Full Story

Oil and gas producers likely to face tougher regulation in 2015

Barely a week into the new year, a myriad of new regulations have already been proposed for the oil and gas industry. This is hardly surprising given widespread concern about the rise in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) – whereby water, mixed with sand and chemicals, is injected underground at high pressure to release oil and gas… Full Story

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