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California Magistrate Finds BLM Fracking Leases Violate NEPA

Oil and gas producers have tagged California as the next great fracking frontier.  The state has a storied history in the energy sector and remains the fourth largest oil producer in the country, with pumpjacks still scattered around Los Angeles and even hidden within a luxury shopping mall. Its Monterey Shale formation is estimated to contain more than 15 billion barrels of oil – about 64… Full Story

Stormwater as a Source of Drinking Water: The Example of LA

The New York Times recently heralded efforts in Southern California to turn stormwater into drinking water: “Even in this water-starved region, storm and other runoff has become the primary source of water pollution. . . But now, local officials are trying to deal with runoff pollution and another problem — the lack of drinking water — with… Full Story