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Texas Cities Can Enforce State-Level Air Pollution Laws

In 2007, Houston created its own air quality program to enforce at the municipal level laws that the state would not.  A local trade group with a masterfully euphemistic name – the Business Coalition for Clean Air (BCCA) – sued the city and argued that state air quality statutes preempted the program.  The city claimed… Full Story

Competitive Chemical Regulation: A Greener Alternative

In 2005, the City of Austin discovered that coal-tar based asphalt sealant was killing the highly endangered Barton Springs salamander. The sealant was leaching off freshly sealed parking lots and entering downstream pools where these fragile animals live. The surprise ending to the City’s detective work was not only that the sealant was gradually destroying its river… Full Story

Clean Air Act Doesn’t Preempt Dallas’ Green Taxi Program

The Fifth Circuit has upheld a Dallas ordinance that incentivizes taxi operators to convert to compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles by allowing them to cut to the front of holding lines at municipally owned Love Field.  The Association of Taxicab Operators (ATO) had challenged the ordinance, claiming it was preempted under the Clean Air Act… Full Story

Plastic Bag Bans Likely to Spread, Regardless of Pending Lawsuit or Legislation

The California Senate last week approved legislation would establish the first statewide ban on single-use plastic bags in the country.  And it’s likely that other states – Texas included – will ultimately head that direction. Dallas City Councilmember Dwaine Caraway recently introduced a proposed ban that, if adopted, it would become the fifth local ban in Texas, after Austin, Brownsville, Fort Stockton and South Padre Island.  Numerous… Full Story