Events: ‘Conferences’

  1. Talk by Bestselling Author Paul Barrett, Law of the Jungle: Lessons from the Epic Chevron Oil Pollution Case in Ecuador

  2. Chile: Energy Sector Opportunities Industry Breakfast Roundtable

  3. Emerging Trends in International Arbitration in Latin America: Energy Disputes, Rules, Remedies, Jurisdiction, and Integration

  4. Environmental Entrepreneurs: Local Companies Leading the Way to a Low-Carbon Economy

  5. The Water-Energy Nexus: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities in Water and Energy Law

  6. Mexico’s Energy Reform: What’s Next for Business?

  7. Nuclear Arms Control and Climate Change Negotiations: Shared Lessons and Possibilities

  8. Conference: Power Plants

  9. Conference: Oil and Gas Development Off-shore: Comparative Legal Approaches to Preventing Spills and Addressing Liability

  10. Conference: Overcoming Barriers to Smart Grids and New Energy Services