Events: ‘Distinguished Lecture Series’

  1. International Arbitration and Public Law (George Bermann, Columbia University)

  2. Shake & Quake Remote Sensing and Fracing Trespass (Chris Kulander, Texas Tech University Law School)

  3. Practicing Energy & Environmental Law in a Nonprofit Setting (Tom Linney, Animal Legal Defense Fund)

  4. Practicing Environmental Law at the Texas Attorney General’s Office (Tom Bohl and Linda Secord)

  5. Working In-House in the Energy Industry (Marie Wagner, Anadarko)

  6. Practicing Environmental Law in a Law Firm Setting (Paulina Williams, Baker Botts, and Josh Katz, Bickerstaff Heath)

  7. Working at the EPA: A Talk with the Region 6 General Counsel (Suzanne Murray, EPA)

  8. The Static and Evolving Texas Water (Ron Kaiser, Texas A&M)

  9. Groundwater Availability as a Matter of Law (Mike Gershon, Llyod Gosselink)

  10. The Past, Present, and Future State of the Environmental and Energy Sectors in Mexico (Ninfa Salinas, Mexican Senator)