2013 Events

  1. Conference: Power Plants

  2. International Arbitration in Latin America: Recent Developments and Lessons for the Future of the International Legal Practice (Andres Jana, Bofill Mir & Alvarez)

  3. Keeping Bad Things from Happening to Good Fish (Myron Hess, National Wildlife Federation)

  4. The Past, Present, and Future State of the Environmental and Energy Sectors in Mexico (Ninfa Salinas, Mexican Senator)

  5. Groundwater Availability as a Matter of Law (Mike Gershon, Llyod Gosselink)

  6. The Static and Evolving Texas Water (Ron Kaiser, Texas A&M)

  7. Working at the EPA: A Talk with the Region 6 General Counsel (Suzanne Murray, EPA)

  8. Practicing Environmental Law in a Law Firm Setting (Paulina Williams, Baker Botts, and Josh Katz, Bickerstaff Heath)

  9. Celebration of Ernest E. Smith: Fifty Years of Scholarship, Teaching, and Leadership in Oil, Gas, and Energy Law

  10. Working In-House in the Energy Industry (Marie Wagner, Anadarko)

  11. Practicing Environmental Law at the Texas Attorney General’s Office (Tom Bohl and Linda Secord)

  12. Practicing Energy & Environmental Law in a Nonprofit Setting (Tom Linney, Animal Legal Defense Fund)

  13. Shake & Quake Remote Sensing and Fracing Trespass (Chris Kulander, Texas Tech University Law School)

  14. Texas Water Journal Forum: Water, Politics & Drought:

  15. The impacts of shale gas development on surface water quality (Sheila Olmstead, LBJ School)

  16. Control for smart grids: Applications and opportunities (Tariq Samad, Honeywell)