2014 Events

  1. International Arbitration and Public Law (George Bermann, Columbia University)

  2. Nuclear Arms Control and Climate Change Negotiations: Shared Lessons and Possibilities

  3. Breakfast with George Bermann

  4. Mexico’s Energy Reform: What’s Next for Business?

  5. Faculty Colloquium-David Adelman

  6. Water Conservation and Reuse Projects in the Age of SWIFT: New Funds and New Priorities

  7. Climate Policy

  8. A Conversation with H.E. Gary Doer

  9. The Water-Energy Nexus: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities in Water and Energy Law

  10. Environmental Implications of the 2014 Drought in Central Texas/Hill Country

  11. UT Law Faculty Colloquium Features John M. Golden and Hannah Wiseman

  12. Environmental Entrepreneurs: Local Companies Leading the Way to a Low-Carbon Economy

  13. Groundwater Management and Groundwater Law from the Perspective of the Landowner

  14. Movie screening: “Big Men” (2014), an inside look at Texas E&P startups and international petroleum transactions

  15. Emerging Trends in International Arbitration in Latin America: Energy Disputes, Rules, Remedies, Jurisdiction, and Integration

  16. Chile: Energy Sector Opportunities Industry Breakfast Roundtable