Upcoming Events

  1. Workshop: Environmental Law as ‘Hot’ Law: Exploring a Legal World: A Paper for Discussion

  2. Texas Law Review Symposium: Science Challenges for Law and Policy

  3. Distinguished Lecture: Practicing Tax Law at the Largest Corporation in America, ExxonMobil

  4. KBH Center Symposium on The Geopolitics of Oil & Gas in the Americas to be Held on Feb. 20, 2015 at UT Austin – Registration Now Open!

  5. Columbia Law School Presents Back to the Basics: Enduring Challenges in International Arbitration Law

  6. Save the Date: 12th Annual ITA-ASIL Conference on Corruption in International Arbitration: Evidence and Remedies

Previous Events

  1. The Water-Energy Nexus: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities in Water and Energy Law

  2. A Conversation with H.E. Gary Doer

  3. Climate Policy

  4. Water Conservation and Reuse Projects in the Age of SWIFT: New Funds and New Priorities

  5. Faculty Colloquium-David Adelman

  6. Mexico’s Energy Reform: What’s Next for Business?

  7. Nuclear Arms Control and Climate Change Negotiations: Shared Lessons and Possibilities

  8. Breakfast with George Bermann

  9. International Arbitration and Public Law (George Bermann, Columbia University)

  10. Control for smart grids: Applications and opportunities (Tariq Samad, Honeywell)