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A Selection from the Frances T. Farenthold Papers

A page of handwritten song lyrics by Genevieve Vaughan, part of the Frances T. Farenthold papers at the Briscoe Center.

Sissy Farenthold's physical papers are held in the archive at the Briscoe Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin. The collection is officially called the "Frances T. Farenthold Papers," and it spans her entire lifetime of work, including her illustrious political career in the Texas state legislature, tenure as president at Wells College, and activism for human and women's rights. If you would like to know more about the collection, please refer to the online finding aid. For more information on visiting the Briscoe Center, please refer to its website.

Farenthold's work for human and women's rights spanned over three decades. She worked with several organizations on many issues, all reflected in her physical papers at the Briscoe Center. On this website, we have narrowed in on her participation in the international women’s peace movement of the 1980s. We have selected a handful of documents that we believe well represent her efforts from that decade. You can visit the Briscoe Center in Austin to view the physical documents featured on this website, along with many more documents generated from the same events. Please refer to these boxes and folders:

Box 3U126b:

Zimbabwe, November, 1982 folder
Nov. 16-19, 1982 folder (blue tudor flat file)
Italian Trip March, 83 folder
Women's Peace Delegation - Comiso Letters of Protest folder
Seneca Falls Peace Camp folder

Box 3U127b:

Women For a Meaningful Summit/Icleand folder
Women for a Meaningful Summit/Greece Nov. 1986 CONFERENCES AND TRIPS folder
Women for a Meaningful Summit/Greece 1986 folder
WMS I accordion folder

Box 3U128a:

Soviet Union 6/87 folder
WOMEN: "Women's Search Peace." Federation of Houston Professional Women. Houston 6/88 folder

Box 3U131a:

CALC - U. S. Friends of Comiso folder

Box 3U133a:

Peace Tent GV Proposals folder

Box 3U143:

South Africa Arrest folder

Box 3U149:

Gen's Writing folder

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