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The Geneva Summit Meeting

“Each of the earlier summits have had its memorable events. In Geneva, in addition to our meeting with Mr. Gorbachev, I remember especially the ecumenical gathering of representatives of the world's religions and lay people, who joined together in prayer the night before the summit. “
-Sissy Farenthold, in her speech
Women’s Search for Peace

The front page of the Ecumenical Peace Service program. Farenthold attended this liturgy service in Geneva in conjuction with the Reagan-Gorbachev Summit in 1985.

The 1985 Geneva Summit was the first summit meeting between U.S. President Reagan and Soviet President Gorbachev. Many peace activists had low expectations for the meeting, and indeed the leaders reached no formal agreements (Wittner, 2003). Sissy Farenthold and Genevieve Vaughan were a part of Women for a Meaningful Summit’s delegation to Geneva. They joined other peace groups in protests and events.

These documents correspond to their trip:

Geneva Summit Information Packet, Introduction Letter, October 1985
Geneva Summit Information Packet, WMS Leaders' Letter, c. August 1985
Geneva Summit Information Packet, Statement to Reagan and Gorbachev, September 1985
"Most Commonly Asked Questions and Answers About Women for a Meaningful Summit," c. August 1985
Ecumenical Peace Service Program, November 1985

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