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Children’s Rights Clinic

Student Experience

“Participating in the Children's Rights Clinic has been the best part of my law school experience. I am learning how the legal system works by managing my cases and building communication skills by speaking before a judge -- all in a safe environment where I can ask questions of my supervisor and receive real-time feedback. More importantly for me, I feel I am doing something productive with my time. I'm advocating for children who don't have a voice within the system, and that is really rewarding.”
—Brooke Ginsburg, ’13

“Participating in the Children’s Rights Clinic was truly one of the highlights of my time at the law school.  During the two semesters I spent in the Clinic, I interacted with clients on almost a daily basis and advocated for their interests in open court.  For one case in particular, I interviewed expert witnesses and then conducted direct and cross-examination of those witnesses in court during a contested hearing.  I also learned an extensive amount from the fantastic faculty members in the Clinic.  Beyond the sheer practical benefits of participating in the Clinic, I also found the work to be extremely rewarding.  The Clinic provides a unique opportunity to give back to the community by helping children through a legal process that may potentially impact the rest of their lives.  I cannot endorse the Clinic enough.  It is truly a wonderful opportunity at UT Law.”
—Kelli Benham, ’10

“ Being a student attorney in the Children's Rights Clinic allowed me to first-chair cases in court, have substantial interaction with clients, and represent my clients in mediations. I had the opportunity to do all of that in English and in Spanish. Also, I learned "soft skills" every lawyer needs, and which can only be learned through experience. Children's Rights Clinic helped me acquire those skills much sooner than many of colleagues. Most of all, I love kids, and getting a chance to represent them as a law student brought back a little of my humanity.”
—Happy Rahman, ’07, associate at Scanlan, Buckle & Young in Austin, TX